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Welcome to our brand new website from Van Aerssen Technics B.V.

Van Aerssen Technics B.V. is a specialist in development, purchase, CNC processing, finishing and assembly of ferro as well as non-ferro products. Our extensive and partly self-developed machinery enables us to process and finish all sorts of metal, ranging from casting parts, bar stock and solid to extrusion profiles. From single copies to large series in every desired size.

Van Aerssen Technics B.V. is a total supplier. We produce, process and finish products from the development and purchase of casting parts, bar and extrusion material up to the CNC processing, surface finishing and assembly. Our Know-how and capacity enable us to deliver the desired product quickly. We also handle the anodizing, varnishing, chroming and assembling of your product. So you have to deal with just one contact person while saving time and reducing costs.

In close cooperation with foundries, material suppliers and mechanical engineers, we develop, produce and process products for the automotive, agriculture, electro metal, furniture and food industries. Van Aerssen has qualified staff, machinery and process technology at its disposal for the whole range from machining technology up to and including finishing and assembling.

Our company is specialised in final processing from several products. The company has 4 departments with several processing technics.


The power of Van Aerssen isn't that we make something, we make sure we finish it.

Our activities

What we do is finishing unprocessed products by tumbling, shot blasting, grinding, polishing, CNC-twisting, CNC-milling or a combination of these technics according to your specifications. It is also possible to perform assembly activities. We have our own Truck, so logistical we can also offer you this service. We got all processing technics under one roof.

This delivers big advantages, like:

  • Lesser logistical problems,
  • Lesser time loss,
  • Saving on transport charges,
  • Uniform quality.
Except tumbling, blasting, grinding, polishing, CNC-editting and assembling we can also offer you several other techniques at Van Aerssen, like MIG-/TIG-welding, saw-cutting, chromium- making products varnish-ready and all the other wishes what our customers like to have done. We offer an attractive totalpackage for a good price.

We work for foundries, (metal)sheetcompanies, machinebuilders, the car-industry, foodstuffindustry, furniture-industry and heating-industry.

Our company is NEN-EN-ISO 9001-2000 certified.


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VAF investments in a new shotblast installation

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Expansion CNC Machining Department

CNC Department expanded with 3 machines

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TIV Fair big success!

TIV Fair in Venray was a succes

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TIV (Industrial Technical Exhibition)

First edition of the TIV in 11, 12 and 13 October 2011

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Investment in machinery

Van Aerssen invests in two new horizontal CNC Milling machines with pallets 630.

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